Fantasy politics and more!

March 12, 2008 9:06:00 PM PDT
Experts say it is one of the most exciting and most contentious political match ups in years. If you want to get in on the game, then we have a website for you. If your favorite sport is the game of politics, log on to

This website provides a platform for political prophets and news junkies. It uses a trading format where traders buy and sell candidates, issues, and news futures. Traders compete for personal satisfaction, recognition, and prizes and of course bragging rights.

There's no cost to play.


If a video looks interesting, but a foreign language creates a problem, then could be your solution.

The founders created a web-based tool that gives anyone the ability to translate posted video content into multiple languages through subtitles over the bottom of the video. Just click the drop down box next to video and select your native tongue.

LIFE REFERENCE stands for Encyclopedia of Life.

The website was recently launched in a scientific effort to write a "book of species" of all 1.8 million known!

Scientists working on the project introduced the first 30,000 pages. They had some trouble getting online, so in this early stage of the launch only a hand full of species are profiled in full detail.

The authors are hoping for some help from the world's scientific community to complete the book.


How many times can you really watch Wedding Crasher? Not convinced that your Duran Duran CD should be filed on your retro shelf?

Your movie and music collection may not be en-vogue, but that doesn't mean it's not worth something. offers users a free forum for listing and trading books, DVD's, music and video games. Simply post what you want to trade then file what you'd like in return. does the rest! The only money that comes out of your pocket is shipping expenses.