Baby meets hero medics

March 13, 2008 3:32:57 PM PDT
A mom and dad in the Lehigh Valley had a special birthday wish for their one-year-old daughter. They wanted to reunite the little one with the medics who saved her life. Today, that wish came true.

Trinidey schmoyer celebrated her first birthday with members of Cetronia's Ambulance Corps, who brought a gift to the little girl. But, the real gift was the gift of life they gave to her.

"If it wasn't for the incredible work of Cetronia, our daughter would not be here today. We owe her life and ours to them," said Shane Schmoyer.

Trinidey first met Cetronia's ambulance crew on February 8 when an ear infection suddenly became a dangerous fever.

"By the time we rode from where she works to our home, Trin had gone into seizures and stopped breathing," said Shane.

"Luckily, we were able to get her to breath again until the paramedics could get there and take over," said her mom, Stacey Schmoyer.

What happened next astounded the Schmoyers. They called for an ambulance, and it arrived in less than five minutes. Such a quick response time was possible because Cetronia started using a high performance EMS system last year.

"It takes us less than a minute to get on route to a call, whereas it used to take three or four minutes so that time has dropped drastically," said paramedic Robert Ford.

When you call an ambulance, every second counts. The Schmoyer family says it seemed like they picked up the phone and the ambulance was already behind them.

"For them to be there that quick, it was incredible," said Shane.

Cetronia's Ambulance Corps saves lives every day, but they say little Trinidey was special.

"I don't know why, but it seems a lot different when it's younger people, especially someone as young as Trinidey," said EMT Jamie Thomas.