Pet lovers compete for seized dogs

March 18, 2008 5:42:37 AM PDT

A frenzy of adopters swarmed an Arizona animal shelter, after word spread that authorities found nearly 800 small dogs and dozens of parrots in an elderly couple's home last week. People outnumbered adoptable pooches.

Humane Society of Southern Arizona spokeswoman Jenny Rose says 500 people lined up to get their hands on a pup. She says things got heated at points, and people even got into shoving matches.

The dogs appeared well-fed when they were discovered, although the home was covered in feces and urine. Rose says it appeared the couple started hoarding the animals, because they didn't trust anyone else to care for them.

Rose says those who went home empty handed will be put on a waiting list, for the dogs who were too young to go home with anyone just yet.