Wanna rock? Twisted Sister wants Barack

March 18, 2008 10:10:12 AM PDT
Jay Jay French wants to rock. He also wants Barack.

So the guitarist from the heavy metal band Twisted Sister had re-recorded the band's anthem "I Wanna Rock," which has now become "I Want Barack."

French, a lifelong liberal Democrat whose mother campaigned for John F. Kennedy, says Obama has energized an entire new generation of voters who previously felt left out of politics.

"He has excited so many people," said French, who founded Twisted Sister in 1973. "He has given sincere hope to people who have been out of the arena for years."

French plays guitar on the track, which features Paulie Z., the singer for the band Z02, on vocals and lead guitar. They call the band "Jay Jay French and Friends" and stress that it is not a Twisted Sister project; that band's members are split on who to support in the election.

The Obama camp had no immediate comment on the song.

It's not the first ode to Obama from the rock world. Black Eyed Peas frontman will.i.am has recorded and released two music videos extolling the virtues of Obama, "Yes We Can," a viral sensation that has garnered more than 5 million hits on YouTube.com, and the more recent "We Are The Ones."

French said an accompanying video will soon be released on YouTube, and hopes the song will someday be played at Obama rallies, where Stevie Wonder's "Signed, Sealed And Delivered" currently reigns.