Coroner: Teens dead in Pa. home for 2 weeks

March 23, 2008 9:58:05 AM PDT
Two teens found fatally shot in a man's basement had been dead for more than two weeks, according to the Schuylkill County coroner.

The bodies of Joshua Yevak, 19, of Pottsville, and Cayla Turner, 17, of Port Carbon, were found covered by a blanket on Thursday. A man who lived at the home was charged in the couple's deaths.

Coroner Joseph Lipsett said Saturday that the teens were likely killed between March 3 and March 7. Turner was shot twice, once in the head and once in the thigh, Lipsett said. Yevak was shot once. A forensic pathologist conducted an autopsy on Turner on Saturday; Yevak's autopsy is set for Monday.

Norman Edward Nickle, 53, who lived less than three blocks from Yevak, was charged with the killings early Friday. He was arraigned on two counts of criminal homicide and is being held without bail.

Police said they found Nickle lying in bed in his first-floor apartment upstairs, with a shotgun next to him. He told police he covered the bodies so he did not have to look at them when he was doing laundry, according to court documents.

Pottsville police Capt. Ronald J. Moser said there were no reports from neighbors of multiple gun blasts earlier this month.

"I can't explain why nobody called," he said.

Yevak's sister contacted police between March 9 and 15 after becoming suspicious of Nickle, who had been acting strangely since the two teens were last seen March 3.

Information from: Pottsville Republican and Herald,