5-year-old hero saves his grandmother

March 24, 2008 4:30:33 PM PDT
A 5-year-old South Jersey boy's being called a hero for saving his grandmother from choking on Jell-O.Shirldine Stewart's little hero is her 5-year-old grandson, A'zir, who she credits with saving her life after she started choking.

"I had just put a spoonful of Jell-O in my mouth and I turned to talk to him and it just got stuck," Shirldine said.

With the Jell-o stuck in her throat, she started gasping for air.

"My biggest fear was if I passed out, he wouldn't know what to do," Shirldine said.

In a panic, she ran to her side porch, hoping she could flag down a neighbor or passing car.

This is when A'Zir quickly started giving his 56-year-old grandmom instructions.

"This calm little voice started saying 'Mom-mom, are you joking? He told me what to do ? raise your hands. I just did what he told me to do. Whatever was stuck in there just came out," Shirldine said.

A'Zir learned what to do when he was in a similar situation at his school, which is closed today. His teacher stayed calm.

"I was choking and she told me to put my hands up and then it went away," A'Zir said.

Today, Shirdeen and A'Zir are playing with a train set she bought him as a gift. She says she hasn't touched the batch of Jell-o since the incident.