Ireland-job search

April 4, 2008 5:33:35 AM PDT
Want to become chief executive of a small but overachieving European country? Send your resume to the Emerald Isle now. A phony recruitment pitch was posted Wednesday, just hours after Ireland's Prime Minster Bertie Ahern announced he was stepping down. The parody takes a stab at the collection of alleged fringe benefits that toppled Ahern -- gifts and unpaid loans from business friends, an insider deal on buying a house, party funds for personal use and a girlfriend's house purchase.

The prime minister's post appears as "Leader" of "Ireland Inc.," and notes Ahern's current salary of about $481,000 a year. Benefits also include a company car and driver, subsidized snacks and cocktails and even a cosmetics budget.

The next successful applicant does need to be stronger in one key category. The ad says, "A good memory is essential." Ahern repeatedly failed to recall basic details of his 1990s finances on the witness stand during a corruption tribunal.