Pranksters caught on video

April 4, 2008 5:40:57 AM PDT
Two teens might have been smart enough to make a bomb and set it off, but they didn't know how to get away with the crime. Police say a surveillance camera caught the whole prank on tape. It shows the boys pouring chemicals into a 2-liter plastic bottle, which exploded in a cloud of smoke after the volatile chemicals mixed, but it also filmed their car.

Officials also seized a videotape the teens filmed themselves. On that tape, police say the two sounded like tour guides, reportedly saying "Here we are in Savannah, Georgia, wreaking havoc and destruction." Not quite. The bomb caused no property damage or injuries. Firefighters just had to mop up chemical residue from the explosion.

The two are out on $10,000 bond and both are charged with a felony count of terroristic threats and acts.