Matt is Karen's Hero!

April 8, 2008 7:45:46 AM PDT
Matt has always been a good friend, but he really proved it when he changed my tire -- in one of his best suits! I drove into work -- in the middle of the night of course -- and got a flat tire! I managed to pull into the Channel 6 parking lot and felt like crying all morning.Matt is something of a "Mr. Fix-it".. or at least a "do it yourselfer", but I felt really funny bothering him. He finished the news and only had an hour before he had to do a studio interview.

Matt borrowed an old shirt from our camera person and put on his own gloves.. (Why does he carry work gloves everywhere he goes? This part is unclear!!) Click to check out the video of Matt in action.

You can clock him. He managed to change the tire in about 10 minutes. (Minus the 15 minutes it took me to search the car for the spare tire and jack -- no I'm not kidding!) People are always asking me if Matt is as nice and funny in person as he seems on TV. The answer is "NO"... he's even nicer in person!!

Thanks Matt -- you really are my hero!