Making money while you surf

May 14, 2008 8:51:24 PM PDT
We all know the Internet is hot, the economy not so hot. A new Internet trend may help plump up your budget simply by adding your creative contributions to the world wide web. may look like YouTube, but here's how it's different. The site has a panel of more than 80,000 volunteers that screens the thousands of videos submitted every day. Then the Community Ranking system identifies the most popular videos and pays creators for their best original work. spokesperson, Michelle Cox told Action News, "In just the past year we've paid out over a million dollars. There's actually no limit on how much you can earn our top earner recently crossed the 100 thousand dollar threshold."

There are more stories like that one. Sites that pay you for your talent are becoming a big trend on the Internet. It seems paying for submissions helps websites stay competitive.

"If we want the most talented creators to submit their best work then they need to be rewarded for that work," said Cox.

Metacafe isn't the only site handing out cash for your talents. Remember the 80s when you used to spend hours making mix tapes with that perfect combination of monster ballads? The music has certainly changed, but the concept of creating that perfect playlist has not. You can create your favorite mix of songs and post it on The site offers cash rewards and choice merchandise to mix-makers who successfully market their work in both private and public arenas.

If you think you've got one up on Google, why not get paid to be a search engine? Still in its beta stage, is a free service that allows mobile phone users to ask questions and receive text message answers from a ChaCha Guide. To become a Guide, you must pass a series of tests that verify that you are a good fit. is an creation that allows corporations to use human intelligence for tasks computers are incapable of doing, such as identifying performers on music CDs. You can browse among existing tasks and complete them for a monetary payment set by the company. Most tasks only pay pennies, but you can easily rack up a couple bucks. The money is then credited into Amazon dollars or transferred to your online bank account.


If you are a musician, you can make money with your original music. Just go to to upload your music. You make money when people download your music. All songs start free, but they rise in price the more they are purchased.