Hillary canvasses Drexel Hill

April 13, 2008 4:28:45 PM PDT
With the Pennsylvania Primary only 9 days away, Senator Hillary Clinton was campaigning door to door in Drexel Hill this Sunday. Hillary spent about a half hour touring the neighborhood, accompanied by Congressman Joe Sestak and his family. The canvassed a one block area before stopping in a local fire hall, as Senator Clinton continues to stump for votes.

Hillary Clinton canvassed Drexel Hill posing for pictures, knocking on doors and trying to earn important votes for the Democratic Primary.

Stephanie Siegman got to personally meet the former first lady. "Oh my God. I never thought this time would come. It was amazing... especially on this street."

Choosing this neighborhood had some surprised. It's considered a Republican stronghold. But we met many people who are still undecided, including the O'Neill's who are registered Republicans.

Dennis O'Neill tells us, "I told her back in 1959 I shook the hand of John F. Kennedy... and he won. And she said, 'I better shake your hand.'"

The Clinton Campaign tells Action News that the former first lady will be in Bristol, Pennsylvania tomorrow, and then on to Pittsburgh.