A reason to celebrate in Chester!

April 18, 2008 4:11:52 PM PDT
They love a parade in Delaware County. It's a big day for the Chester High School basketball team and for the girls indoor track 4x400 team... they are both state champs. For a city and school often besieged by bad news, this is a day of celebration for Chester High School. Today everyone there is a winner.

The pinnacle moment for Chester High was when the boys basketball team beat Norristown for the state championship.

Today, weeks later, the taste of victory is still sweet for these students, especially since their school is often the focus of negative news reports.

Marvin Dukes, the team point guard, tells us, "It feels good. The community supported us a lot. We don't get a lot of recognition unless it's negative. So, I mean, I feel real good."

11th grader Krysta Glass says, "We're an excellent school. All the negativity, some of it's bad, but most of everything is good. I love this school."

And so does star player Nasir Robinson who doesn't need a parade to celebrate his good news, a full paid college scholarship. "I'm graduating this year. I'm on my way to the University of Pittsburgh. I'm going there to become a better person," said Robinson.

This parade is also celebrating a big win for the girls track team that won the state relays in the 4x400 race.