Pizza drivers get fryer fuel

April 22, 2008 5:05:18 AM PDT
Lancaster pizza parlor owners Glen Eshelman and Tom Mulcavage say they started looking at alternative fuel sources about a year ago.

They focused in on the 120 gallons of waste fryer oil produced each week by their six Metro Express stores and the Black Knights Tavern they operate in Landisville.

Now they have unveiled three delivery vehicles converted to run on the leftover oil from cooking french fries and chicken wings.

Eshelman says burning fryer oil to deliver pizzas cuts carbon dioxide emissions by half compared with fossil fuel, and will save the company about $26,000.

Mulcavage says the deep-fry diesels trail an aroma like french fries or funnel cakes. He says the goal is to have one at each Metro Express location by the end of the year.

Information from: Intelligencer Journal,