TomTom statement and tips

April 24, 2008 7:12:28 PM PDT
Our first problem was that the system directed us to take a left onto a one way street in the City Hall area. Once the system re-routed us to our location again it asked us to again take a direction that was not allowed. Tele Atlas, TomTom's digital map provider, estimates that approximately 10-15% of the road information changes (everything from changes in traffic patterns to posted speed limits, lane markers, new points of interest, new streets, etc.) each year and in high growth areas, this can be significantly higher. Though no digital map today is perfect, Tele Atlas continually works to deliver the most up-to-date, fresh map data via its comprehensive processes help ensure it delivers the freshest data to TomTom. With Tele Atlas maps and TomTom's Map Share technology, users are enabled to easily and instantly improve their maps right from their devices .TomTom users can respond in real time to changes in the road network and correct the maps on their TomTom devices accordingly. TomTom Map Share is available for all TomTom devices. The one way street can be corrected and shared with the community through Map Share.

When we were in condo complex and we missed our turn the system asked us to turn "anywhere". This direction would not have come from a TomTom as 'anywhere' isn't on our list of recorded directions. If a turn is missed, all TomTom's will say, "turn around when possible."

TomTom did not how to accurately tell us how to do the cross over on route 1 (Roosevelt Blvd) which got confusing for our driver and navigator. In fact, they thought they had missed their turn because of the directions given. (they did not miss the turn) Situations with complex road geometry or quick maneuvers can sometimes result in complicated directions. TomTom recently announced Advanced Lane Guidance, a feature in the GO 730/930 models, that show realistic representations of complex highway junctions and lane-specific visual directions that take the stress out of navigating these otherwise difficult junctions.

Common names for the roadways including "turnpike", "blue route", and "Schuylkill" were not given. If our navigator and driver had not read the directions beforehand they would have been lost. Spoken directions and street names are heard through our text-to-speech feature. This feature is offered on our XLS, 720, 920, 920T, 730 and 930 devices. Not sure which device you tested, but if it was on one of the ones just listed, it is an option the user can choose to activate. How do you suggest consumers avoid the problems we encountered and get the best results out of your system? TomTom Map Share? is a proprietary technology that enables users to make updates and corrections to their own maps instantly and to benefit from improvements made by others. These include changes in street names, road speed limits, turn restrictions, traffic directions and road blocks, as well as corrections to Points of Interest, such as phone numbers changes.

Is there a solution for the problems we encountered? Again - TomTom Map Share? technology is a great solution to many mapping issues. Also, the text-to-speech feature can read street names out loud.

GPS satellite technology is all controlled by the same satellites set up by the government. Exactly what sets your system apart from the others on the market? TomTom has the best maps (through Map Share), best routing (through IQ Routes ? see attached press release), leader in safety, and easiest to use products. What's the best advice can we share with consumers that already own a TomTom? In addition to TomTom's unique and innovative features, all devices come with a map guarantee.

All TomTom portable navigation devices are installed with the latest maps during production, however, customers can be assured that if a new map is released during the first 30 days of using their new device, they are entitled to a free download of the latest map, via TomTom HOME.