Drive for Autism; Scleroderma Survivor

April 30, 2008 7:04:00 AM PDT
Easy way to raise $ for autism; Survivor of Scleroderma tells her story

Be in the driver's seat to conquer autism.

If you've got a computer, you can help "drive" new research into autism!

Chevrolet has partnered with Autism Speaks, a major advocacy group, to get answers about this complex disorder.

Every time you take the virtual test drive on the Autism Speaks website.... Chevy will make a donation.... giving the group up to $1 million.

Just follow the link on this page of 6ABC-dot-com.

The donation period runs out on May 1st, so - step on it!


Fighting back from an often deadly disease.

Maureen Taylor is living medical history - one of the few to ever fully recover from scleroderma. It's disease of the connective tissue that literally hardens the skin and internal organs.

For Maureen, scleroderma came out of nowhere in 1988.

"My first sign was swelling of my hands and feet, and then a terrible itchy rash all over my body. And from there, my face and head went completely numb."

Taylor went to a host of doctors, and was told she had everything from allergies to dental problems.

All the while, her body hardened... And she feared she was close to death.

She remembers, "It was as if I was encased in stone, and didn't have a way out."

But after 2 years, Maureen got the right diagnosis, and the right medications.

She also went onto a macrobiotic diet.... a move she thinks gave her natural defenses a boost.

7 years later, Maureen's blood tests showed no signs of scleroderma.

Now she's written a book on her journey, called A Place To Go: How Scleroderma Changed My Life and wants those with scleroderma and other chronic diseases to keep the hope.

She says, emphatically, "It's important that we ask questions. And it's important we find somebody who listens to us."