Students held for trial in Temple U. attack

April 29, 2008 2:10:14 PM PDT
Four suspended Temple University students accused of a hate crime were ordered to stand trial. The students are accused of attacking Jordan Blady, 23, on Feb. 15 outside a Jewish fraternity house, breaking his nose and fracturing an eye socket. He was accompanied by another man who was not physically injured, Assistant District Attorney Christen Tuttle said.

The four defendants don't deny an altercation occurred. But attorneys for Walsh, Pediero, and brothers David and Steven Scott say David punched Blady only because Steven had been the victim of an assault during an A.E.Pi party earlier that night.

The judge ruled that the single punch David Scott threw to Jordan Blady's head didn't amount to aggravated assault, which is a felony. But all 4 suspects will face trial on charges of ethnic intimidation, simple assault and conspiracy.

"It happened real fast, to be honest with you. Within a minute, we had been approached and my friend had been hit and they left," said a friend who was walking with the victim that night.

Police arrested three students: 20-year-old Michael Walsh, David Scott and his 19-year-old brother, Stephen. A fourth student, Brian Pedreiro, 19, surrendered to police.

The students are alleged to have used anti-Semitic slurs during the beating on Feb. 15 outside the former Alpha Epsilon Pi, an international Jewish fraternity. The victim was not a Temple student.

The university held a forum in February to discuss the recent attack on campus. The father of the injured victim expressed his dismay over the attack.

"My father is a survivor of Auschwitz. He thought he left Europe and left that behind him," he said.

Other Jewish students say there have been other incidents that have them alarmed.

The head of the Anti-Defamation League praised the university for all it has done since the incident, but he also urged the school do more to address student concerns.

The judge set a May 20 arraignment date for the defendants.