Brothers arrested after gutter theft

May 6, 2008 4:00:40 PM PDT
Two brothers are behind bars after being arrested today by Hellertown Police in Northampton County. They're accused of stealing from a church, and that's not all. Patrick Delvey and his little brother Kyle, both of Pen Argyl, are accused of trying to steal the gutters off the First United Church of Christ in Hellertown - gutters that are made of copper.

Investigator Robert Shupp says, "Copper seems to be the big thing these days. And a lot of people who are into the drug scene, it's an easy way to make money to steal it, bring it in, get your money and you go buy your drugs."

The clatter woke up some neighbors who called 911. Police arrived just as the Delvey brothers started driving away. They were pulled over... and Patrick Delvey opened his driver side door.

As the responding officers approached, one of them grabbed the open door. That's when investigators say Delvey put the car back into gear and drove off. The officer, still holding on to the door, ended up being dragged half way down the block, seriously injuring his right leg.

Church officials say they find it hard to believe that this whole story revolves around a set of gutters.

"We start out with something as basic as a simple theft, and it ends up with a police officer being injured. It's really a sad commentary I think on our times," said Pastor Richard Teitsworth of 1st United Church of Christ.

The Delvey brothers now face charges including theft, aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, and illegal drug possession just to name a few.

The injured officer, meantime, is being treated at St. Luke's Hospital.

Investigator Shupp tells us, "It's an injury to his knee. What I hear is x-rays were negative on any broken bones, but he'll be getting an MRI within the next two days. There's possibly some torn ligaments in his knee. But like I said, he is expected to make a full recovery."

The drugs charges surfaced after several packets of heroin were discovered inside Delvey's car.