More red light cameras in Wilmington

May 7, 2008 4:46:27 PM PDT
Drivers in a hurry inWilmington, Delaware had better slow down. More red light cameras are up and running. If you see a flashing light you can expect to get a picture in the mail, showing your vehicle running a red light. It will mean a 75 dollar ticket that most drivers won't bother disputing in court.

"It's sorta hard to fight because they take your picture, they take a picture of the driver, your license plate, so it's hard to dispute the fact," said Corporal Daniel Selekman of the Wilmington police department.

123-thousand citations have already been issued to drivers since Wilmington got its first 10 cameras back in 2001. 7.5 million dollars in revenue has been generated, money that goes right back into city services.

On Wednesday, four new cameras were activated. Six more will be snapping pictures by July first. Police say the cameras free them up to fight crime rather than write up tickets. So, what do drivers have to say?

Melanie Fernandes said the cameras are effective, "It's gotten my mother a few times. I haven't been blessed yet, but it's a good thing."

Lorraine Hicken of Wilmington added, "it's really slowed the traffic down and I think it makes more people aware." Police say some people do try to fight their citations, but thanks to the cameras, the city has a 95 percent conviction rate.