Large marijuana bust in Logan

May 17, 2008 2:26:08 AM PDT
Philadelphia police have made a major drug bust in the city.Hundreds of potent high-grade marijuana plants were confiscated at 5915 Beechwood.

It is a major bust for police who discovered this huge pot growing operation when they responded to a burglary call around 3:30 Friday morning.

Three men spotted leaving the building ran back inside. That's when police realized this lab was highly sophisticated for growing pot in the big city.

Police say they found three-quarters of a million dollars work of marijuana inside the three-story building that residents said was once a neighborhood candy store.

The pot farmers used all three floors, police said, to grow the plants in various stages.

"They've got an irrigation system in there. They have chemicals, root enhancer. They have an air conditioning system to keep the temperature at a certain temperature. They have grow lights, and they have aluminum foil on the inside to reflect the light. It's a pretty impressive operation," said Police Inspector Bob Snyder.

Investigators said the elaborate set up indicates they had been operating here for a long time.

They added that it was dangerous because code standards were ignored.