Obama picks up 4 delegates

May 25, 2008 8:17:49 PM PDT
Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton each picked up a delegate in Georgia on Saturday as state Democrats selected their delegation to the party's national convention in Denver this summer. Obama picked up another superdelegate later Saturday in Wyoming, then one more in Alaska. Obama also took a pledged delegate from Clinton at Alaska's Democratic party convention Saturday.

That brings Obama's overall delegates to 1,974 - only 52 shy of the 2,026 needed to secure the presidential nomination - to Clinton's 1,779.

The two add-on delegates in Georgia are state party secretary Stephen Leeds, an Obama supporter, and Verna Cleveland, who was Clinton's Georgia state director.

The add-on in Wyoming was state Rep. W. Patrick Goggles, who told the Associated Press after his selection that he will support Obama at the convention.

In Alaska, former Gov. Tony Knowles said he would support Obama for president.

Obama won Georgia's Feb. 5 primary. Of the state's 30 at-large and pledged delegates, 20 are Obama supporters and 10 are Clinton supporters. Georgia also has 13 superdelegates, with seven committed to Obama and three to Clinton. Three are officially undecided, including former President Jimmy Carter.

In Wyoming's March caucuses, Obama defeated Clinton 61 percent to 38 percent, Obama picking up seven pledged delegates to Clinton's five. He has the support of four of the state's superdelegates, with two remaining uncommitted.

In Alaska's caucuses last February, Obama got 75 percent of the vote, with the other 25 percent going to Clinton. Obama's final delegate count was 14, including four superdelegates; Clinton's was four, including one superdelegate.