Skin care tips

May 29, 2008 5:10:12 AM PDT
Summer sun may feel good, and it can make you look good, too.But the sun's rays can also take a toll, so experts recommend taking care of your skin this time of year. You could do the job with products at home.

We visited Belliard's Spa in Cherry Hill for the lowdown on summer facials (see the video clip above).

Once your healthy skin is brought to the surface, a technician will gently cleanse it. Even the gentlest face soap relies on alkali to get the job done, so after it's used, it needs to be neutralized.

The final step is to moisturize the skin. You should be doing all this on a smaller scale at hone, twice a day, between facials.

The other issue this time of year is sun protection. You might already use cosmetics with that kind of protection built in.

We got our information on facial care at Belliard's Spa, 8 Grove Street in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. For more information, you can phone them at 856-665-9323.

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