A Cab ride now costs more in Philadelphia

June 2, 2008 4:50:04 PM PDT
Catching a taxi in Philadelphia cost more today than yesterday because a fare hike went into effect at midnight Monday. A 50 cent fuel surcharge is being added to the $2.70 it costs to begin a cab ride. The subsequent cost per mile has increased 20 cents to $2.30 a mile.

For someone who takes a cab whenever I'm up here it's not so great, but I understand, said passenger Holly Shere.

86-year-old Dorothea Burnette opted for a taxi to relieve her tired legs. She limits her cab rides so the fares don't wear out her wallet. "Well along with everything else the cost of gas, oil is up, food is up. Everything else is up, so what can I say," said Burnette.

Bridget Zellner added, "It makes sense you know, these are tough economic times. Everyone is struggling to make ends meet. While it's going to mean taking the bus instead of the taxi, it's only fair to the drivers and to business in general. So it's the sign of the times."

The airport flat rate for trips between center city and Philadelphia international has increased from $26.25 cents to 28.50. And, when that trip has more than one passenger a dollar will be charged for each additional rider over 12 years old, up to a 3 dollar maximum.

Philadelphia's cab fares are higher than those in nearby large cities. Once on the road, taxi's in Washington charge .25 cents a mile. In New York it's 40 cents per mile, and in Philadelphia, it's more than 4 times as much at $2.30 a mile.

Cabbies here say gas surcharges are warranted, but the high cost of a cab ride along with other challenges they face, doesn't offer much financial help, and complicates things with some customers.

Cab driver George Miloid said his only complaint is that passengers used to give him tips, but they don't anymore because the price is too high.