Anti-crime activist hit with brick

June 6, 2008 3:51:24 AM PDT
A Philadelphia anti-crime activist says he will not be detered by a drug dealer striking him in the head with a brick.Greg Bucceroni says he was talking to children in West Kensington on Thursday night, when up to 17 people swarmed around him, yelling at him.

He said one of those people threw a brick at him, knocking him on the head. Bucceroni, the director of the Anti-Drug, Anti-Violence Network of Philadelphia, needed stitches to close the wound on his scalp.

He said a number of the people around him, and the person who threw the brick, are drug dealers. After being released from the hospital early Friday morning, Bucceroni told Action News that he will not be intimidated by those who want him to stop helping troubled kids.

"As you can see I'm out here with a bandage on my head," he said. "I'm still out here, telling people to step up, speak up, and to stand up against criminals and thugs."

Bucceroni is also a youth advocate for the Philadelphia Police Department. Police are investigating the attack.