Heat Wave '08: Power outages and cooling off

June 10, 2008 4:17:39 PM PDT
The effects of the heat were felt all over the region.In Allentown, the late spring heat wave drained residents so that the spray parks and the Cedar Park Public Pool, which were supposed to stay closed until Saturday, opened up for everyone's enjoyment a few days ahead of schedule.

While some took to the park, the heat apparently had others acting out of desperation to cool off.

According to a witness, two men stole a $250 air conditioner on display outside the Just Appliances Store in Salisbury Township on Monday.

Still others decided to spend the day at Dorney Park's Wildwater Kingdom where a splish and a splash would counterbalance the extreme temperatures.

However, there was no fun for many in Philadelphia, where the heat wave's oppressiveness was not their only worry.

Power outages crept up all over the city, including in the Andora section late afternoon which left 4,000 customers without power.

100 customers were left without power last night, as a transformer failed on Shackamazon Street in Fishtown.

PECO workers repair it earlier today; some PECO crews worked 16-hour shifts since this heat wave began.

When the electricity went out, one enterprising man managed to power a fan in his house by cabling out to his car through a converter.

Officials remind all to be cautious in these very hot temperatures and check in on relatives, friends, and pets.