Big league deal at the White House

June 11, 2008 6:26:19 PM PDT
Little leaguers received a once in a life-time invitation to play tee-ball in front of a very special audience. On June 30, the 5 and 6-year-olds from Cramer Hill Little League will be playing on the White House's south lawn.

The kids are ready to tee up in our nation's capitol.

The Camden based team was chosen to play on the south lawn by Little League International.

It's only a one-inning game, but they will get to attend a picnic with President George W. Bush.

Team president Pete Perez believes the community's deep Latino heritage is part of the reason why these kids were selected for such a big honor.

"They want to reflect and focus on Spanish heritage and predominantly our community is Hispanic and most of my little leaguers are Hispanic," Perez said.

President Bush will give each child a special baseball he autographed himself. The little league parents say, someday people might be asking for their children's autographs!

"Maybe when he grows up, he's going to be a famous baseball player and I'm happy for that," Nanci Medena said.

The parents organizing the trip know these kids will carry this experience with them forever and they hope more people will share in their vision of what Cramer Hill Little League means to the city of Camden.

"We have 400 kids that are off the streets from April till November; they're playing little league baseball with us," Perez said.