One student's perfect record

June 16, 2008 3:39:39 PM PDT
It takes a special person to strive for perfect attendance in school, but it takes someone with a strong sense of commitment and unfailing self-discipline to actually achieve it. 17-year-old Amir Blount-Hart hardly ever gets sick, and since he was in first grade, he has never missed a day of school and he doesn't care if that doesn't sit well with some of his peers.

"I don't follow people and by me being different, that shows my character; that's definitely the word that I go by everyday," Amir said.

Amir graduates from Parkway West High on Wednesday.

In a city school system that has historically high dropout and absentee rates, he stands out.

"Amir is just a perfect example for the other students to see that not only should you be here on some days, but, if possible, be here every day," Principal Gloria Pelzer said.

Amir admits there were days that he just flat out didn't feel like going to school but he did, for 12 straight years, for 2,160 consecutive school days. Amir said he was just brought up that way.

"My mom never missed a day in high school, so I wanted to carry on that family tree," Amir said.

Amir starts classes at a Penn State satellite campus in the fall

He wants to major in business and for all of you potential employers out there - remember him. He is a guy who will never call in sick.