Missing infant found in North Philadelphia

June 17, 2008 12:31:05 PM PDT
Philadelphia Police have recovered a baby missing since Saturday afternoon.

2-month-old Shaniyah Granby was found safe and sound around 10:15 Monday night at 1229 West Venango in North Philadelphia. The home belongs to a friend of the woman who police say took the baby.

Details are sketchy, but police say they have taken someone into custody.

Detectives say the mom, Tiesha Pitts, was near 26th and Oxford at about 5:30 Saturday evening when she gave the baby to a neighborhood acquaintance she knew as Crystal.

Sgt. Lamonte Adams told reporters, "Crystal then said to the mother, Tiesha, 'Can I take Shaniyah to the store with me.' And Tiesha says OK. And she lets her go to the store, she waits around for a little while - she doesn't come back."

Police say the suspect's name is actually Clarissa Hanton, and that she has allegedly disappeared with children before, but has not hurt them. She may have mental health problems.

Ernestine Pitts-Rainey, the baby's grandmother, tells Action News, "(Tiesha) was diagnosed as mentally retarded. OK. She has seven kids, OK. This one is her seventh one, and her first six she doesn't have. All of her kids are under DHS."

Ernestine says DHS did not take Shaniyah because the paternal grandmother was supervising her care until recently.

The baby has no known health problems, but authorities worry that because she is so young, she may be medically vulnerable.

No word on what or if Clarissa Hanton will face charges.