Couple celebrates 79th anniversary

June 20, 2008 4:20:32 PM PDT
For a Springfield, Delaware County couple today was a joyous milestone in a long life and committed marriage. Marie and Bill DeCaro celebrated their 79th anniversary by renewing their commitment to each other while surrounded by friends and family at Harlee Manor for seniors in Springfield.

The 98 and 99-year-old couple from West and South Philadelphia met at Madam Duvall's Dance School when they were just 14 and 15 years old. Back then, he earned a few weight lifting titles. They spent 5 years performing together in a traveling vaudeville act.

Four children, 6 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren later, they're still in synch and in love.

This celebration is a renewal of the DeCaro's vows to each other. Their vows to love, to laugh, to respect and to be committed to never letting anger accompany them to bed.

"We never go to bed mad," 99-year-old Bill Decaro said.

You have to forget it. You just can't take it with you like an old shoe or something. You just can't do it," 98-year-old Marie DeCaro said.

The former dancers are in good health, but for his bad hip and her dwindling hearing. They don't over eat and walk as much as possible.

"We used to walk 2 miles every morning around [the Springfield] mall about 8 times," Marie said.

Eight decades into this love affair, they pray, they'll enter eternity together.

"I know if I go first, it's going to break her heart. And if she goes first, it's going to break my heart," Bill said.

Today their hearts are filled with renewed love.