Volunteers give woman peace of mind

June 25, 2008 3:57:17 PM PDT
Action News' Call for Action volunteers recovered more than $200-thousand for one consumer, making it the largest sum the hotline has ever recovered! But more importantly the money gave the viewer some peace of mind.

Cheryl Chesney's heart was damaged by a virus about 10 years ago. Without a new heart she may have only six more months to live.

"I'm more worried about my family having to go through it than me," she said.

For about 12 years, Cheryl has been putting $65 into a life insurance policy with a "living needs benefit rider".

"And when I tried to use that they told me that that was only in the state of Florida was that available."

Cheryl said she sent in paperwork disputing the insurance company's claim.

"Surprise, it got lost, they never received it and then I called channel 6."

Cheryl got one of our Call for Action volunteers.

"He was very nice the gentleman I talked to and he told me just to hang in there and he would talk to somebody and somebody within an hour would call me back after I talked to him," Cheryl explained.

Within an hour, thanks to C-F-A, Cheryl did get a call, plus results.

"I've received two checks from the company $36-thousand each."

Eventually she'll get a total of $222-thousand from her policy.

"It means I have money to travel over to Philadelphia with tolls, gas, and parking which cost us $50 to $60 every time I go. I have to go every two weeks," she said. "I can relax and not have to stress over that."

Cheryl is on the transplant list for a new heart and everyone at Action News wishes her the very best.

Action News' Call for Action volunteers have opened more than 800 cases and helped recover more than $765-thousand in refunds, goods, and services, this year alone!