Fumo discharged from hospital

June 27, 2008 10:02:35 AM PDT
State Sen. Vincent Fumo was released from the hospital Friday, a day after a dizzy spell floored him during a voting session in the chamber. The Philadelphia Democrat will spend the day at his ranch outside Harrisburg at the insistence of his doctors, according to a statement from his office Friday.

Fumo's office said doctors who examined him at Harrisburg Hospital believe he suffered from slight anemia, low blood sugar and dehydration that was brought on by the stress and irregular eating patterns of lengthy budget negotiations in recent days.

A key negotiator for Senate Democrats, Fumo has been taking part in the closed-door talks among legislative leaders that continued Friday. Fumo planned to be available by telephone Friday and to rejoin negotiations on Saturday.

Fumo, 65, is expected to have additional blood tests on Monday. He had emergency surgery in March after suffering a heart attack.

Fellow senators rushed to Fumo's aid when he collapsed, and paramedics put him on oxygen and wheeled him away in a wheelchair. He told paramedics that he felt no chest pains, and doctors found no signs of heart trouble.