Big rig causes 2 crashes, then dumps turkeys

June 30, 2008 1:16:47 PM PDT
Delaware State Police say an Oklahoma tractor trailer caused two crashes before flipping and spilling frozen turkeys. Lance Bailey had parked in Route 13's right lane for repairs Monday morning.

Police said he pulled out in front of 41-year-old Ginger Kimp of Newark. She stopped, but 45-year-old Homer Dozier of Ridgely, Md. rear-ended Kimp. Both sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

Police say then, 37-year-old David Vak of Townsend, stopped but 20-year-old Brenton Falcon of Middletown didn't. He is in stable condition after being thrown off his motorcycle.

According to police, the axle on Bailey's truck broke, flipping the vehicle and spilling several boxes of frozen turkey on Route 13 near Blackbird Forrest Road.

Bailey, Dozier and Falcon were cited for traffic violations.