Delaware targets speeders in residential areas

July 1, 2008 3:59:58 PM PDT
A little too fast is way too fast in a residential neighborhood. That was the message behind a safety campaign launched in the suburbs of New Castle County, Delaware Tuesday. "Driving 25 miles per hour is the difference between life and death," said DelDot secretary Carolann Wicks.

10 year old Kylie Navarro made more than just a fashion statement. She and other children living in Caravel Woods hope drivers pay more attention to them...and to the message on their t-shirts. "Some of the kids could get hit, some could die. They could be seriously injured, it's dangerous," she said.

Residents applaud the brutally frank campaign that was launched on a residential roadway commonly used by local children. One that should be safe, but Bill Bailey tells us, "This stop sign in the morning is like Indy 500. It's like you take your life in your hands and people speed through here, including school buses and trash trucks. It's dangerous."

Tom D'Alessandro has driven this stretch of roadway many times on his way to work as a first responder for the Christiana fire company.

"By doing 25 miles per hour it takes 2.6 minutes to there, with the stop sign. At 35 miles per hour it takes about a minute less," he told us. These parents will pose the question with lawn signs provided by the department of transportation, a reminder to drivers that studies show at 25 miles per hour, this child is hurt. At 35 miles per hour, he's dead.

Next week, police launch yet another safety campaign, this one targeting speeders on major highways.