"Bonnie" heads to jail

July 2, 2008 4:48:32 PM PDT
A former college student accused of stealing the identities of neighbors in an upscale Philadelphia high-rise has surrendered ahead of an expected guilty plea. She had until tomorrow to surrender, but she is trying to be on her best behavior as she negotiates a plea.

We last saw the 23-year-old former Drexel student on June 5.

She was supposed to enter a guilty plea then, but that changed when the government learned she'd committed more crimes while out on bail and living in California with her mother.

She was caught on surveillance tape in disguise running up hundreds of dollars in charges on a coworker's credit car.

She also admitted to stealing a $2,000 bike and taking it for a test ride.

Kirsch, and her boyfriend, Edward Anderton, are accused of stealing identities and using other people's money to live a lavish life.

He already pled guilty to stealing thousands of dollars from friends, coworkers and strangers.

Last month, the government asked the judge to throw Kirsch in jail until the case is resolved. Instead, she was ordered to 24/7 house arrest in Philadelphia, with no Internet, no phone, and no contact with Anderton allowed.

It seems that the defense and prosecution agreed it was time for Kirsch to end her house arrest. The reason being is she is expected to plead guilty and get jail time anyway, so she will very likely get credit for the time she is serving now.