Independence at the Jersey Shore

July 3, 2008 9:43:29 PM PDT
The Independence Day weekend begins at the Jersey shore. The picturesque Cape May light house and a sea of colorful umbrellas created a postcard image in this Victorian town today.

Tom Williams of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania says it cost $150 to fill his RV for the round trip, but it's cheaper than a hotel.

Cape May's beaches looked crowded enough, but according to beach tag inspector Bonnie Kennedy, looks can be deceiving.

"It's slower than usual, compared to last year," Kennedy said.

Julie Tahan owns a rental property and says her tenants are coming from the north.

"The majority of our renters this season are coming from Canada, and I think, a lot of it has to do with the American and Canadian dollar; they're getting a lot more for their money coming to the United States," Tahan said.

For those already on vacation or those just getting an early start to the holiday weekend, Mother Nature provided a beautiful beach day, although she could have made the water warmer.

Up the coast in Sea Isle City, beaches were crowded and so were refreshment stands. Merchants are hoping for a profitable weekend.