3 Boy Scouts burned in camp mishap

July 7, 2008 9:04:02 AM PDT
Three Boy Scouts are recovering from second and third-degree burns they received when an older scout spilled burning flammable liquid on them.

A 14-year-old and two 17-year olds were at the Joseph A. Citta Boy Scout Camp in Waretown Sunday morning when an 18-year-old Scout was playing with a flammable liquid.

Authorities say the 18-year-old set the liquid on fire atop a table. When the flame appeared to go out, the teen poured more liquid onto the table, when the flame shot back to the container and ignited it.

In trying to discard the flaming liquid, the older teen spilled it onto the other three.

Two of the teens were airlifted to a hospital in Philadelphia, but their injuries were not considered life-threatening. A third was treated and released from a hospital in Manahawkin.