"The Blob" turns 50

July 11, 2008 9:06:38 PM PDT
They were screaming in terror tonight in Phoenixville. It was all to celebrate a classic movie that is now 50-years-old. So here is "The Blob" a messy pulsating Cold War-era red goo from outer space.

Back in 1958 his elders didn't believe young Steve McQueen's warning.

"There IS a monster! We just saw it in dad's store!"

Fast-forward 50 years and the ninth-annual Blob-fest...what is it??

"Just a good time, celebrating goofy science fiction," said Rich Drees of Film Buff Online.

That means a theater packed with people showing off their tin foil hats to keep away alien mind control rays.

Suzanne Thomas of Norristown made hers in the style of a flower pot.

"There's a reason for that. Aliens are very, very smart. They're very intelligent but they don't have any common sense. And so if they want to abduct me or control my mind, they're going to be confused by the flowers and the backyard appearance of my head." Which is of course reason to celebrate.

So everybody dances for a while.

But wait: maybe there is a monster loose.

So it is time for the scream competition.

We didn't think anyone could top this professional banshee, but there were some pretty talented amateurs.

Blob-fest started as a small local hoot, but its reputation has grown.

"We're expecting somebody from Hawaii. We got a request for tickets. We've got L.A., other parts of California," said Blob-fest organizer Joan Kelly.

But the big event which brought crowds to the streets of Phoenixville is the recreation of this 1958 scene where the blob clears the Colonial theater.

Here is the golden anniversary edition run.