Teens pick wrong car to siphon gas from

July 14, 2008 7:16:29 AM PDT
Dover police say two teens have been charged with stealing gasoline from an unmarked police car.

It happened around 11:30 p.m. Friday on Pebble Valley Place, in the Fox Hall West neighborhood.

Lt. James Hosfelt says an area resident told an off-duty officer someone had just taken gas from his car. When police arrived, the 16-year-old boy ran and the 17-year-old boy drove away in another vehicle.

Police say the officer grabbed the 17-year-old's vehicle as he tried to get away and was dragged along the roadway.

On-duty officers caught the 17-year-old after he was seen speeding. They called the 16-year-old's cell and persuaded him to surrender.

The teens are charged with assault, theft and other offenses. They were released and will appear in Family Court soon.