Husband allegedly stabs dog with sword

July 16, 2008 6:37:37 AM PDT
Pam Jones witnessed her beloved American bulldog mix get stabbed to death, allegedly by her husband.

"I see her when I close my eyes. The whole process all over again and I can't sleep."

The 3-year-old dog was named "Baby" because Jones says the dog was like her baby.

"I felt like I lost one of my kids, because I could not have kids of my own," said Jones.

Sunday night she says her husband, 46-year-old James Jones, got angry at the dog after the dog growled and bared its teeth at him. She says he went to a sword stand in the living room and pulled out a 3-foot Japanese sword.

Pam told Action News, "He must've stabbed her in her heart. Blood was just gushing out of her chest, and next thing you know her legs start to wobble and she went down. And she just died right there."

Pam Jones was less than a foot away when the dog was being stabbed. Because she was so close, she says she feared at one point she would be accidentally stabbed by the sword.

"He said he was sorry, but sorry is too late. It's too late," Pam said.

James Jones was arrested and locked up facing charges of cruelty to animals and possessing an instrument of crime. His brother, Eric, told Action News that James Jones has been upset these past few weeks over his impending divorce. "Finding a place to live, losing a house, losing his wife of 15 years," all were stress factors leading up to the incident, Eric told Action News.

Standing in front of her home on Holland Street in Crum Lynne, Pam Jones clutched onto photographs of "Baby" Tuesday night - a dog she says her husband knew well and even cared for. She says she's shocked and confused by what happened.

"He had no reason to do that to her, because she would not have bitten him."

Jones' bail has been set at $25,000.