Delaware Co. apartment complex condemned

July 17, 2008 3:20:30 PM PDT
Time has run out for dozens of residents of an apartment complex in Delaware County. They're being evicted because of unsafe living conditions. It was moving day Thursday for the residents of the last 27 occupied apartments.

Ridley Township has condemned the Crum Lynne Apartment complex, all 133 units in 33 buildings. Residents were given 30 days to leave.

That was a month ago and tomorrow is the deadline.

The township says the it has tried to get the owner of the complex to fix the deplorable conditions.

All of the apartments are a fire hazard and some are in danger of falling down.

The township offered help when it sent out this eviction notice. It says only one resident took advantage of the offer.

Others say they've gotten no offers of help and have nowhere to go.

The residents say they might have been able to find a new place if they had been able to get their deposits back from the owner of the complex.

The owner lives in New York and the township hasn't been able to get hold of him. He has hired a new management company to run the place.

They say the previous managers ran the place into the ground without the owner's knowledge.

They are vowing to fix all the code violations, although too late for the residents of the 133 apartments. Friday is the deadline, but, the township says it will give residents a grace period of a couple of days, so, they, at least, have this weekend to finish moving out.