Tough times: Shoplifters goes for groceries

July 30, 2008 3:28:22 PM PDT
The shoplifting team has hit the Towamencin Acme several times as well as one in Doylestown. The thief walks in, loads up the cart and walks out. As one investigator put it, "They're eating high on the hog."

In one surveillance photo you can see the suspect casually walking out of the Acme with a cart full of food..

Lt. Joe Filice of the Towamencin Township Police says, "They're going directly back to the high priced area for the meats, the steaks, seafood. They're taking lobster tail cheesecake."

Police say once outside the store, a car is waiting. Often it's a white Suburu Outback. They load the groceries and speed off.

The shoplifters have hit nearly a half dozen times in the past 2 months. About a week and a half ago, an employee at the Towamencin Acme recognized the suspect as he was allegedly about to strike again.

"They started watching and he obviously realized he was being watched, so he stopped what he was doing left without attempting to remove the product from the store." said Lt. Filice.

In this weakening economy and with skyrocketing food prices, times are tough for many families, but Heather Smith of Telford says she tries to get the best deal with coupons, not shoplifting.

"I think the average Joe can't make it, my husband I both work. And he works side jobs so we can put food on the table."

Police want you to take a close look at the suspect. Investigators have received several tips, but anyone with information is urged to call Towamencin Police.

The suspects face felony retail theft, conspiracy and receiving stolen property charges.

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