Disneyland to stop serving McDonald's

August 8, 2008 1:50:16 PM PDT
No more Big Macs at Disneyland. Or Egg McMuffins or any other McDonald's foods, for that matter. The Walt Disney Company says it's closing down all three McDonald's outlets at its Disneyland resort in Anaheim, California, on September 2nd as part of a planned refurbishment.

Disney says the move is not related to its push to promote healthier eating choices for children at restaurants at its parks.

Two years ago, Disney announced a plan to eliminate added trans fats from food served at its theme parks by the end of 2007, and the company says it met that goal.

A Disneyland spokeswoman says the park makes "enhancements throughout the park on a regular basis," and that it will continue to offer a wide variety of food choices.