New dog park scene of attack

August 1, 2008 8:52:54 PM PDT
Trixie whimpers constantly since being attacked by a pitbull. The 3 year old border collie was at the new Kent Dog Park in Upper Darby, Delaware County, just after 5pm yesterday, when the pitbull bit into the back of Trixie's neck and wouldn't let go.

Siobhan Boyle, Trixie's owner, described the scene. "All her paws in the air. neck, being thrown around like rag doll. Thought she'd been killed right then. Big strong men could not get it off my dog."

Action News staffer Eric Hughes was playing with his cocker spaniel at the park and witnessed the men trying to pry the pitbull off of Trixie. "During the attack it was helpless. It just was no match. The dog, the pitbull, was just so much stronger."

The pit's jaws were forced open by it's owner and another man long enough to rescue Trixie. Frank DeFeo, a member of the dog park, said "It's sad. It really is sad. You hate to see something like that."

While dog owners are disturbed by what happened here yesterday, they don't suggest restrictions be put in place to limit the kinds of dogs that can play here. Instead they urge owners be careful.

To qualify for the $20 Kent Park membership, dogs must be registered, have up to date shots and not be aggressive. Witnesses say yesterday's pitbull owner assured a park monitor it was friendly, just moments before the attack.

The township is investigating.

Health Department director James Maloney laid down the law.

"Aggressive dogs are not welcome and they are prohibited and does give us the right to revoke someone's privileges and use of the park which will be done in this situation."

Trixie's owner does not want the dog that hurt her pooch put to sleep, but does support keeping it away from other canines. Fearing another attack on Trixie, she'll pass on what had been the pup's favorite pastime, play time in the dog park.

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