Local teens get taste of NASCAR

August 4, 2008 7:01:51 AM PDT
For the 7th year, the Urban Youth Racing League is giving local kids a chance to get jacked about giving them tools to succeed during career development week in NASCAR. "It's all about school," says Jeremy Ortiz, a member of the program. "People don't believe it, but you've got to do good in school before you can even think about coming to the track."

Philadelphia students 16-18 years old are flown to North Carolina, the hub of NASCAR race teams, and then on to Indianapolis where they had a chance to see reigning series champ Jimmy Johnson kiss the field goodbye at The Brickyard.

Christopher Lawrence enjoyed being with the Nascar teams. "Things are going pretty well. They understand where I'm from. I tell 'em and they'd tell me about where they're from. We're all into the cars."

More importantly the young men and women had a chance to consumate their internship in the fastest growing sport in the country. One now opening up its doors to everyone.

Brigette DePalma is a young lady who likes getting her hands dirty. "It's really different, for a female. I really like it, working with the cars and motors. "

The Philadelphia chapter of the Urban Youth Racing League, operating for 10 years, clearly has these special students on the fast track in life.