New rules coming for kids' cold meds

WASHINGTON, D.C.; August 25, 2008

The Food & Drug Administration says it will re-vamp the rules.... on how kids' cough and cold medications are sold over-the-counter.

This comes in response to concerns that the medicines are being overused,,,, or improperly used.

Last year, the FDA warned against using the drugs for children 2 years of age or younger.

And some critics say there's no evidence they work for kids 6 and under.

The FDA will hold a hearing October 2nd to discuss possible new rules.

Probably the most vocal critic of the use of these products has been Dr. Josh Sharfstein, Baltimore's city health commissioner.

Sharfstein calls this announcement "a significant step towards removing unproven and unsafe over-the-counter cough and cold medications for young children from the market. By re-opening the relevant regulation, FDA will hold these products to a modern scientific standard of safety and effectiveness. It is clear that these products cannot meet such a standard today. FDA should move swiftly through this process to protect children."

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