18 cats removed from home

August 12, 2008 3:33:19 PM PDT
It's a case of a woman who appears to be an animal hoarder.

Animal control officers in protective suits returned to a home on Pope Avenue in Hamilton Tuesday, to round up the feral and stray cats that have taken over.

"The conditions inside are just horrendous," said animal control officer John Rose. "There's a lot of water damage, a lot of feces and a lot of urine."

So far, 18 cats and kittens have been captured. Officers say the woman did not live at the home, but would leave food out for the animals.

Authorities also went to a home of hers on Bell Avenue. They did not find any cats there. Instead, they found garbage, food and clothes piled waist high.

For now, the homeowner is under the supervision of Adult Protective Services.

"Nice enough woman, but not all there," said neighbor Jim Snyer. "She was trying to do a good thing, trying to take care of them. But it just got way too big."

The cats captured are being treated at the Mercerville Animal Hospital. Two of the cats were too sick or mean and had to be euthanized.

Once the cats have been treated, vets will see if they can be put up for adoption.

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