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August 25, 2008

A new invention turns your mouth into a virtual computer! Plus, Visa and a number of major banks are testing the latest weapon against identity theft.

One of the problems with ID theft is it usually takes a long time for consumers and financial institutions to realize an identity has been stolen. Usually by the time you figure out you are a victim; your accounts have already been depleted and your credit ruined. But a new system could help alleviate that problem.

Visa and several major banks including Wachovia and PNC are testing the new system. It instantly alerts card holders by text message or e-mail on their cell phones or other mobile devices whenever they make a transaction.

Customers can set limits on the messages. For instance they can set it up so they only get messages if a purchase exceeds a pre-determined amount or if a transaction is initiated in another country.

The goal is to alert card holders of any fraudulent activity, so they can call Visa as soon as they notice something out of the ordinary.

The pilot program will have about 2-thousand participants.

Turn your mouth into a virtual computer! Your teeth would double as a keyboard, your tongue as the mouse or joystick.

Researchers at George Tech are working on the Tongue Drive System. It allows people with disabilities to use their tongue to manipulate wheelchairs, manage home appliances, and control computers.

A tiny magnet is placed under the tip of the tongue. The magnet's movement is tracked by sensors on your cheeks and data is sent to a receiver that sits on top of headgear. Software then converts the data into commands.

Now you can use your xbox to do something other than play video games! Starting Monday, use your 360 to rock the vote! Microsoft has a deal with the group which allows you to use your xbox to register to vote!

The group hopes this will help it achieve its goal of registering two million under-30 voters in time for this fall's election.

Xbox live members will also be polled to see which way they plan to vote.

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