The DNC from the convention floor

DENVER, Co. - August 25, 2008 - "I think this is so awesome. It's so exciting! The thrill is running through my veins!" said delegate Pamela Lampitt of Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

The headliner tonight was Michelle Obama, wife of democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. At least one delegate Action News found has high hopes for the woman who could be the next first lady.

"I so admire Michelle Obama and how she hung right in there, regardless of what the press has said," said Crystal Bennett of Newark, Delaware.

Some of that thrill tonight came from seeing ailing senator Edward Kennedy, who made it to the convention despite his battle with a brain tumor. One delegate saw a "passing of the torch" in tonights events.

"Ted Kennedy has been a good, progressive democrat, and I see Michelle Obama becoming a very progressive democrat also," said Virginia Betteridge of Runnemede, New Jersey.

The end of the night saw Michelle Obama being joined onstage with her two daughters, as the democratic party tries to define the Obama family's image.

"I think Michelle showed tonight she's a good mom, first and foremost," said Governor Ed Rendell from the convention floor. "There's a brilliant woman with a great profession, and yet her kids come first to her, and that's the story of a lot of American women."

Despite the feel-good atmosphere tonight, the party bosses know they have a lot of healing and hard work to do this week, to move the party forward after a long and brutal primary season.

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