Following Joe Biden

DENVER, Co. - August 26, 2008 - Biden made an unannounced appearance a the Delaware caucus on Tuesday, sending an electrical charge through the delegates from the "first state." The man who is now Obama's running mate is battling to win back the White House for the democrats. Still, he had tender words for the people back home.

"The only reason I came by is to tell you I love you. I mean, it really means a great deal to Jill and me," said Sen. Biden, referencing his wife. "It means a great deal to my boys and my daughter and my grandchildren."

The press was invited to take a tour with Senator Biden Tuesday, but only photographers were allowed. It's a sign the usually free-wheeling and gregarious senator is being handled by the Obama staff.

Biden also hosted an appearance with Michelle Obama, the wife of his running mate, along with several other political leaders.

"The challenges that face working women and families are not new to Barack and they're not new to Joe," Obama said.

Biden is set to address the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday night. He's still fine-tuning his speech, in which he's expected to play the role of attack dog.

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