Hold-ups at the University of Delaware

NEWARK, Del. - August 28, 2008 - Police say, as students move in and get ready for class to start next week, criminals are moving in as well. In less than three weeks, there have been three unrelated armed robberies.

"Wow, really? That's really scary when you think about it," said sophomore William Friedman.

Police say it's clear the attackers are targeting students.

"This all happens when parties are letting out and the bars are closing down," Said Lt. Brian Henry of Newark Police. "An impaired person walking down the street is obvious to a perpetrator and they're an easier victim."

The most recent case happened at the intersection of Winslow and Orchard Streets. It was around 11:00 p.m. Wednesday when Jay Leaning was taking out the trash and spotted the 26-year-old victim.

"He said that he had just been robbed. He had been walking home from the library, and a car pulled up. One gentelman got out, presented a gun, and asked him for whatever he had. He gave it up, and in a matter of minutes they were gone." Leaning said.

Newark police responded to another armed robbery near a 7-Eleven on Delaware Avenue last Friday. In that case, three students were robbed, and investigators say a gun-toting woman threw one victim to the ground while another female assailant stomped another victim.

There was also an armed holdup at Taylor Hall. Campus police responded to that case.

Chief James Flatley says he is stepping up patrols. Four new officers will start on Friday, and another four will be hired. The chief adds, the students can help them by helping themselves.

"Use good common sense, the things you learned in kindergarten. Let's practice those things," Chief Flatley said.

The University wants to remind students that the campus escort service is available for free, just by calling the campus police department.

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