Healthcare rally

September 4, 2008 Organizers sarcastically gave Olympic medals to insurance companies they say are gaining the most profit by denying coverage.

Supporters say health insurance companies routinely deny coverage based on pre-existing medical conditions or they're setting too many limits on what's covered.

Junette Marcano said, "You're paying these high premiums and when the diagnostic tests are ordered, they won't cover several things, some blood tests and some medications are not covered."

Jeff Garis of HCAN said," The insurance companies are becoming wealthier and weathier and the quality of care that we're receiving is diminishing."

HCAN has also set up a hotline (1-800-764-1832) to take customers complaints about their insurance coverage. They will compile the reports to release another report on the worst companies.

A spokesperson for Independence Blue Cross released this statement today:

IBC is committed to offering health care coverage benefits to everyone. We have always been committed to offering health care coverage benefits to everyone in southeastern Pennsylvania, regardless of their medical history, current health, age, or gender. That is why we are proud to be known as the "insurer of last resort."

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